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Pink Ego Box

Pink Ego Box


There´s nothing wrong with us!!!!



We're one of a kind, I thought that you knew
Deep in our hearts there's this bright and shiny pearl
Down there in the dark we follow its rules
We hide it away from the weight of the world
Don't you let the world come and see 
Don't let those strangers come and swim in our own little private sea

There's nothing wrong with us
We get to love
And we cry when we get hurt
There's nothing wrong with us

You wrote me a poem, a return to my youth
Deep in my heart I was already yours
Fold me in half, Take me with you
Take me away from the rest of the world
The rest of the world they can't see
There is a light pouring down over you and over me



Há imenso tempo que ouvia esta música (e gostava) sem prestar muita atenção. Quando finalmente a ouvi com calma achei que a letra tem muito a ver conosco... 

Love you!